Concert season is upon us! Summer shows, festivals and live music are just the best. But is it me or is it always a struggle finding what to wear.

First to clear the curiosity up, I am as sober as a judge when I go to a Bassnectar show. I definitely don’t mean this in a “holier than though” way at all. I don’t care what people do to enhance the experience. I’ll do me, you do you and we will always have a great time together ESPECIALLY at a Bassnectar show

I mention this only because people hear me mention I freaking love Bassnectar and they are surprised. I assume it’s because there is a culture that maybe I don’t quite fit into (?) but the music <3 !!! Seriously Bassnectar is a musical experience that evokes a different emotion in every track.

Personally, I’m mostly into his “beautiful, melodic, and dreamy” shiz but when something like Gnar or Infinite drops I go bananas.

I also balled my eyes out and danced in a europhic bliss-sans MDMA- on New Years’ Eve 2016 when Loren Ashton (the producer of Bassnectar) played Hide and Seek by Imogen into Lights by Ellie Goulding.

I’m literally getting chills and feel like crying when I write and think about it. That’s the power of Bassnectar hahaha.

Fun fact: Lights Remix by Bassnectar was the first Bassnectar song I discovered and Zack might have a different memory but I vividly remember my brother Diego playing this song in his BMW.

We were in our old house in the front driveway and he was cleaning it and listening to music and showed us this song. We were struck. That’s when my love affair for EDM began.

Anywhoo. If you watched the video you can see that the production is intense but in person it is way way way way waaaaaaaaay better.

You cannot help but dance. And that’s why what I choose to where is strategic.

It must be comfortable to dance in.

I must be able to have a good temperature throughout.

It must look the part.

Comfortable to dance in:

Majorly important. You just don’t wear something impossible to dance in. For me at least, the most important part is the shoes. I got to be wearing a pair of sandals that have the toe-thong action and a clasp to feel secure on my feet.

Closed versus open toe shoes. That’s debatable. When you go open toe you def risk someone stomping’ on your bare toes but I risk it. The other alternative is sneakers or other tennis shoes. I like these slip-ons for colder weather shows. But with it being 80s in Denver I am hella wearing sandals!

Bra falls in the comfort category. For this I either go braless and wear the little sticker things (that I almost always forget to take off and the next morning lol). Or I will wear a bralette or a sports bra. All about comfort and style here. I personally don’t like the look of bra straps when wearing a spaghetti strap or racer back on me so I will choose the stickers and or bralette over a sports bra.

But if my top has thicker straps and I can get away with wearing. sports bra, well, then that’s my choice.

Good Temperature:

Next is attire. Again I’m just stating opinions here so like, you know take it for what it is. But I generally enjoy wearing a dress because that is breezy haha and creates a nice cooling draft while I’m bouncing’ around and dancing.

Palazzo pants are also breezy! And the patterns are SO fun. I am wearing my special palazzo pants. They’re special because I got them in Sicily. I linked some similar ones though!

I also equally enjoy a sleeveless top, crop tops, and shorts again because its temperature appropriate. Rompers are also great for summer concerts.

Must Look the Part:

This is sarcasm because obviously what you feel like wearing is 100% subjective.,Because “look the part” does not exist at a Bassnectar show, or really any concert for that matter, in my opinion. It depends on how you feel the look of a Bassnectar concert is and there are LITERALLY ZERO RULES. People give ZERO fox when dressing for a Bassnectar show and that’s how it should be.

Wear a onesie, wear a dress, wear gym clothes, where whatever you feel like you are just going to have an amazing time in.

For me, I like to go with some sort of theme. I was planning on wearing all watermelon-themed outfits this weekend but they havent arrived so I went with a black bodysuit + palazzo pants and sandals for tonight. Who knows what tomorrow night will bring

Be on the lookout for a recap of the night on tomorrow’s blog post!

Oh and for the curious how my grandma self stays awake that long: 1) dancing! and 2) I drink a strong coffee and possibly take a Vitamin B energy shot to stay alive and energized at concerts and I drink TONS of water pre, intra and post show.

Happy Weekending!